After being 'Closer to Heaven'  from a miracle [age 7-9] and near death experience [NDE] at age 17, my life has been full --trying to figure out and understand how and why 'the others' --like yourself function --when I see and feel what is much more important --in this life.

 Mind, Body, Brain & Spirit 



 Born with a membrane over her eyes, and has questioned much in a lifetime.  Having had several miraculous experiences, questions have been slowly answered.  Perhaps she was protected from seeing the world, as an untruth, as others do.  She looks behind behavior to ask why people behave as they do?

This has been a lifetime study, and meeting the horse, at an early age, is where Rose felt at home, and that validated her meaning to life, to just be real, and to behave as if life were a pristine gift. 

Meeting more horses, she realized that horse's also suffer from what people do to them, and the search for meaning became even more important to her.  This search became full-blown in 1980-1982, when she gave two full years to just follow the path as directed.

What was learned during those two years was definitely life changing.  Many miracles happened, and answers were given to make life even more extravagant.  She knew she had much to give others, because what is of God --is always for everyone --according to their own search.

Rose now understands that this veil, was like a protective shield, to help see life as an idealist, hoping for all life to be Godly, however, sadness prevailed, as life went along, seeing all sorts of abuse and un-grateful actions to others, horse or human, and to all other forms of life as well.

Rose, through her lifetime, sought the best behavior from all, and being human, she also made mistakes, and dove into her human failures.  Being human was difficult, since she knew the child-like divine.  That feeling of grandeur leaves us --as we are exposed to others.

 The divine seemed abstract to what really seemed to be --at the core.  Growth, expectations, limitations, and new levels of AWARE-ness, have taken a lifetime to understand.

Perhaps now, that veil is better understood, yet thinking back, perhaps she was truly given a right-of-way to seeing life as it really could be, and as it should be, rather than --what it actually is --in human terms.  Being 'idealistic' is difficult in today's world.

Learning the levels and phases of life's teaching, and finally 'getting it' unfortunately takes way too long, especially when you have no one to talk with.  The vast learning of human behavior, and why people behave as they do, and what they are missing became prominent.

Going back to the veil, and understanding the separation from the overwhelming joy of the 'Universal Spirit' -vs. human behavior, as we know it, created a mind-spinning controversy.

A definite Dichotomy, a separation of the real --from the unreal.  THAT is 'the veil'...

The real from the unreal!  The real, being the truth, that we are Spiritual Beings!  We are NOT simply human beings, here to make all the mistakes, and to take advantage of any and all.  We are here to learn that we ARE Spiritual beings, and that is where we will find truth!

The mask we wear is the human body, given in perfection, no matter if so-called flawed or not.

 We are all given bodies in total perfection for our life purpose.

What appears an imperfection is the gift above all else, so the search becomes much deeper to find and see truth --more clearly.  Unfortunately this is rarely understood by those who think they are perfect, or normal.  Unfortunately, many who think of themselves as imperfect, have simply not yet learned their greater gifts.

We are blinded by human expectation, therefore, limited by our own blinded expectations.

This is 'behind the veil' of truth, a reversal of what we think is!

To be BORN 'behind that veil' is to know the blindness of others, and to not understand why they do not know truth!

Born behind the veil is to see and seek to understand human limitations, by not knowing the Spiritual truth.  We are truly family, yet the choice is still yours, as to which family you choose to belong to. The human family with limitations, or, the 'Family of Divine Holy Spirit', with 'Universal Access to the Truth'.

Humans, think one way --limited!  Spiritual beings think another way --that is more vast.

There seems to be a division here, and there is.

To find any 'connection' is an inner conflict to tie in the loose ends of misconceptions and misunderstandings, at another level or personal phase of life.  Growth is phenomenal.  Understanding is the key. Joy is the result.

You can come from behind the veil to see life as it really is, a spiritual experience.

What an absolute joy to know the difference!

Rose M Foreman                                     

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